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Nomeneo™ delivers reports, creates tasks and sends alerts. It provides the information you need, when you need it.


You define what you want to find and specify what actions you want performed.


Nomeneo works with all types of EMRs and saves valuable time tracking down hard-to-find data.


You choose to receive monthly reports, real-time alerts or anything in between. Nomeneo works on your schedule.


Nomeneo works in the background and notifies you when action needs to be taken. It does what you want…even after you’ve forgotten it was doing it.


Nomeneo keeps your information safe, secure and on site. It is not shipped off to any other locations.


Nomeneo does not require a large initial investment. The low monthly price fits nicely into your budget. Factor in that it finds potentially lost revenue, the ROI is staggering.

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